Our willingness to listen and our patience and compassion toward our patients are essential to their return to functional and productive lives!

Read what IMPACT! patients have to say about their experiences:





"These guys do such an amazing job. They are knowledgeable and they don't hold anything from you. They tell you what you need to know. Trust is special with them."

 Charlotte, North Carolina


"I have never been treated more kindly. Everyone I came in contact with at Impact was helpful. Rondell Richardson even came to my home to cast me when I was unable to do an office visit. They have always gone the extra mile." 

York, South Carolina


"We have traveled quite extensively seeking the best prosthetic care. However, seeing other practitioners was difficult and access was hard. Not so with Rondell Richardson and Rico Phronebarger, the travel is worth it."

Camden, South Carolina


"I am a below the knee amputee. While amputation is a significant loss, I have un-waving confidence in my prostetist. I know that I am receiving the best possible prosthetic care and service."

Monroe, North Carolina 


At Impact I was treated like a very important person, on a first name status with the staff.
My prosthetic specialists went out of their way to take time and customize the look and feel of my prosthesis.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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