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Impact Prosthetic Solutions

Orthotic and prosthetic professionals
Impacting your Life, Work, and Health

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Impact Prosthetic Solutions specializes in diabetic foot management, upper and lower limb prosthetics.
Our experienced, professional staff is committed to helping amputees live productive lives.
We are determined to assist you in meeting your goals whether they are to be back at work, active in athletics, or simply be mobile and independent.
We want to provide a device that not only improves your lifestyle but also impacts your overall level of functioning.
We focus on your needs and goals in order to design, manufacture and fit light-weight, functional and cosmetically appealing prosthetic device.

Here are some of the latest advancements in prosthetic technology that we are certified to provide:

Demo 1: Animation - Electronic Brain in an Artificial foot
New York Times Publication
Click for Web Demo and enlarge screen

Demo 2: - i-LIMBHand by Touch Bionics
Click for Interactive Web Demo

Demo 3: PROPRIO Foot by Ossur
Click for Web Demo

IMPACT provides prostheses, initial training and support for all amputation levels for all ages and causes, including but not limited to:

Partial Foot Amputations (toes and mid-foot)
Below Knee
Knee Disarticulation
Above Knee
Hip Disarticuation
Hemi Pelvectomy
Finger Amputation
Partial Hand Amputation
Wrist Disarticulation
Below Elbow
Elbow Disarticulation
Above Elbow
Shoulder Disarticulation
Intra-Scapular Thoracic


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